Vanilla Sampler Pack
SKU: 700030
The influencer pack includes 10 Packets (servings) each of Vanilla Protein, Green Power, Amazon Superfruits, and Trim.

The Influencer Pack includes 10 Packets of Viiva’s Vanilla Organic Plant Protein Base that gives you 20 grams of high-quality protein.   10 Packets of Amazon Superfruits, our antioxidant-rich blend of acia, camu-camu, and cupuacu.   10 Packets of Trim, which helps suppress your appetite, and provides amazing energy to kickstart your metabolism.  10 Packets of Green Power, a blend of 50 raw, whole greens rich in organic omegas.   All combine together in this special pack to provide you with the essential macro and micro nutrients you need daily to perform your very best.

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