About us

Viiva® was founded in October 2019 in Los Angeles, California, USA, and the headquarter is located in Salt Lake City, Uta. Viiva is a professional health management company, founded by a number of senior life science experts and famous business leaders, aiming to leverage the advantages of leading technology, clinical experience, and business capital to creatively provide health solutions and entrepreneurial opportunities for more people.


The name VIIVA is inspired by the Spanish word Viva, a word commonly used for wishing a long and healthy life. VIIVA embodies this same idea by providing the tools to achieve just that — and a lot more!


When talking about longevity, we must mention a mysterious place name, Bama, Guangxi Province, China. Bama was named by the BBC as one of the top five longevity towns in the world. There are approximately 31 elderly people per 100,000 people in Bama who live to be over 100 years old.



Bama is located in the south subtropical to mid-subtropical monsoon climate zone, with an average annual sunshine time of 1,531.3 hours, an average annual temperature of 18.8°C to 20.8°C, a frost-free period of 338 days, an average annual rainfall of about 1,600 mm, and a relative humidity of 79%. The air is rich in negative oxygen ions, the natural water is clear and slightly alkaline, the geomagnetic resources are rich and stable, and local crops are rich in fiber and unsaturated fatty acids. According to in-depth research by scientists, Bama's sunshine, air, water, magnetic field, and food all show completely different characteristics from other areas. This unique ecological environment has created the longevity genes of local residents.

Human beings have been searching for codes that can resist diseases and prolong life. Viiva has always been specialized in health management and life sciences. Transforming the ecological characteristics of Bama into healthcare solutions and wellness products that benefit mankind is the goal we have been pursuing.


Today humanity has entered the AI era, highly competitive business formats are only the cornerstone of Viiva’s global layout, and unique and creative business models are the core driving force of Viiva's rapid fission. With the help of the most advanced big data, cloud technology, blockchain, AI/AR, and 5G technology, Viiva welcomes every person with unique business wisdom to develop and share the dividends of big health and global social e-commerce industry with Viiva.


Founder’s heritage & messages

Dear friends,

Thank you for knowing the story of Viiva, what a person has achieved is only his own past, and my goal is to enhance more people healthy, more people happy and more people successful.

I'm not showing off, I'm trying to show off an opportunity,

An opportunity that can drive you from ordinary to excellent,

An opportunity that can change your life,

What I want to show off is an attitude, an attitude of happy work and entrepreneurship.

What I want to show off more is a commitment to myself, for our own commitment, for the commitment of our families, for the commitment of our next generation.

Because each of us out there fighting for our lives always needs to make a commitment to ourselves.

This is a commitment that is both material wealth & intangible wealth, which is the most valuable spirit in life.

What do you think, I look forward to seeing you soon in the Viiva family and working side by side with you to fulfill this commitment!


Our Managemen Team:

Viiva® is comprised of hand-selected and experienced executive management team around world.