Terahertz waves, also known as far-infrared, are electromagnetic waves with an electromagnetic frequency of 0.1-10 THZ, which is a type of electromagnetic wave; it is invisible light, but has all the characteristics that visible light has, and far-infrared is the main

Due to the unique physical properties of terahertz waves, the role of the human body, absorbed by the human skin, will produce a series of biological effects, far infrared temperature effect; resonance effect, activation of water molecules; activation of macromolecules in the body, lowering blood lipids, lowering cholesterol; improve microcirculation function, enhance the human body's metabolism, and improve the immune function.

One of the most significant of terahertz is the warming effect and resonance effect. It has a very significant health care effect.

1. Effects on the central nervous system:

2. Carve the vascular microcirculation

3. Delay aging and accelerate cell regeneration

4. Treatment of joint diseases