People in the Bama area are basically free of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancers, most of them die of natural old age, and very few die of disease. Their longevity and health are closely related to the strength of the local geomagnetic field. The magnetic environment of Bama is more suitable for human survival, and even the magnetized water and air are more beneficial than ordinary areas.

According to scientific evidence, people living in a proper magnetic field environment will optimize physical development, help blood cleaning and circulation, reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular incidence, improve body immunity, and improve sleep quality. When tourists come to Bama, they will feel that they sleep very well and they have been maintaining a high quality of deep sleep in Bama, which is closely related to the local magnetic environment.

Bama has a fault zone formed by geological movements, which directly cuts through the slow layer of the earth, dividing the land of Bama into two, the geomagnetic intensity of the general area of the earth is about 0.25 gauss, and the geomagnetic intensity of Bama is as high as 0.58 gauss, which is more than double that of the general area.

In addition, the weakly alkaline character of the water in the Bama ecosystem is also directly related to the local geomagnetic field. Groundwater, which has permeated through long layers of magnetite, contains a large amount of alkaline substances and trace elements, mainly due to the magnetizing effect of the magnetic field.