Viiva’s Corporate Values: Prioritizing the Power of Giving

At Viiva, our core principle is centered around the unwavering commitment to serving others. We believe in empowering individuals to achieve their highest quality of life, extending our support even to those unsure of where their next meal may come from.

A pivotal milestone in our journey was the inception of our charitable initiative in September 2019: VIIVA CARES. Since its groundbreaking launch, we have pledged to donate $1,000,000 worth of products to communities in need.

Organizations such as the World Children's Fund, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Foursquare Disaster Relief Initiative, Provo Food and Care Coalition, and Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention Campaign have all benefited from VIIVA CARES.

Viiva emphasizes that VIIVA CARES is not merely a one-time act of charity; it is an enduring commitment. We are dedicated to continuously supporting and uplifting communities in need, ensuring that our impact is felt for generations to come.



Global Events:

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