When a British royal expedition visited Bama in 1987, they admired the charm of Bama water and called it "CozyQueen", which means "a warm spring like Queen Victoria".

Bama Mountain Spring Water has strong solubility, penetration, diffusion, metabolism, emulsification and washing power, which is conducive to the absorption of the human body, the metabolism of cells, the enhancement of the body's immunity, and the immunity of the human body, because the Bama Mountain Spring Water itself carries calcium and magnesium ions.

In the Bama Eco-system, the water here is a small molecule group of water, and the PH value is generally between 7.2 and 8.5, which is close to the human blood PH value. The Bama water system is developed, the dark rivers are dense, and the mountain spring water and groundwater are mineralized due to repeated entry and exit of the underground karst cave, which makes it contain very rich minerals, such as manganese, strontium, metasilicic acid, zinc, selenium, etc. The balance of minerals and trace elements in Parma water is the guarantee of longevity genes. People call it nutrient water.

Bama water has four distinguishing characteristics that are not found in any other region on the planet, or are not fully possessed. Because of these four characteristics, Parma water is the water of nutrition, health, life, and longevity.